Delivery & Payment

Your order can be made free by the Contracted Cargo company and by loomis security
will be insured and delivered.
The product you are purchasing will be tailor-made for you based on your preferences during ordering. It is prepared. Special wooden box, product certificate, invoice and delivery note certificate, gift note
Together, the adrese you specify will be delivered safely. Your order will be sent to you by the cargo company. It is under Telaym's guarantee until delivery.
By giving different delivery and billing addresses, you will be able to see your receipt you can reach your loved ones.
How many days will your order be delivered to the cargo company, details of the product you are buying
page. (1-2 business days for products in our stalls, products to be produced
3-4 business days for
Stock information on + 90 539 333 65 03 via customer service communication
You can now. Reviews Prepared orders, cargo company on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays except

being delivered.
The cargo company is delivering on Sundays, public holidays and holidays. When your order is delivered to the cargo company, you will be notified by e-mail and Sms.
Extra fee to courier company if you want to get your order via fast courier (in istanbul)
you can benefit from this service by paying.
In case the buyer can not be found at the delivery address, the cargo company leaves a visit notice note. The address of the buyer who left a note of visit notice does not pass through the cargo company within 3 days
, the cargo company brings the package back to
Check the products you ordered by comparing them with the dispatch number during delivery.
If you think that the products are missing or damaged, the minutes of the cargo authority
do not take delivery of the package. Using ordering contact form
report the status. Your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible with the necessary inspections.
You have accepted that the cargo company fully fulfills the duty when you deliver the product
You are. Reviews You can review the status of your order on the order tracking page.
Contact us using our contact form for any questions or concerns you may have

You can set up.